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Makers remind us that simple is almost always better, that natural beats synthetic, that organic is better for us and kinder to the earth than conventional, and that small business is the heartbeat of our community. That last part? That's the real, real for us. Introducing our fiercely loyal subscribers and supportive reviewers and curious on-lookers to beautiful California Artisans and Makers every month helps strengthen their small businesses - so they can go out and support other businesses in our community - and so it goes.

Robyn Rhodes' mission is to create beautiful designs worn by many of the world's most glamorous women (and me!) while staying true to her deep-rooted sense of community and accessibility. Her collection combines glamour with infinite wearability. But that's not where her commitment ends.

We love that Robyn commissions artisans while BEING an artisan. How cool is that? She's the designer - the visionary of shape and color and texture and scale. She then works with makers who make their living crafting the beautiful jewelry that lives inside her incredibly creative mind. We love that. It's the ultimate pay it forward strategy. She supports them so they can go out and support other businesses in our community - forward, and forward, and forward.

Our February 2019 collection included the Robyn Rhodes Makenzie Earrings with clear crystal or aquamarine Swarovski crystals (Retail: $43.00). If you missed out on the sold out February collection, use code CAFOUND15 for 15% off your own pair of Makenzies or anything else that quickens your pulse at

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