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I'm all California Girl now, but I grew up in New England, in a tiny town, next to another tiny town that had a place in it called "Apple Hill". Not it's real name, but named that by us locals due to the orchards at the top and the cider mill at the bottom. Every fall, the cider mill at the base of Apple Hill would open to the public and sell - you guessed it - cider - until it was gone. Then they'd close their doors to the public until next year. If you missed it, you missed it. Every year when I was a kid, that event marked the beginning of the holiday season and I loved it.

The California Found October collection featured Rush Candle Company's 6oz. Travel Tin in "I Wish I Was Apple Picking", a pure apple scent so authentic, it brought me right back to the mill. I was in the barn, shuffling through wood shavings on the floor as I walked, feeling the bite of the cool, dry air on my nose and cheeks, waiting in line for cider with the heady smell of apples everywhere. It's that good.

At Rush Candle Company, Katie and Kevin Rush - the duo behind the brand - pride themselves in offering the finest hand-poured soy candles made with natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, their soy candles are clean burning and long lasting! Katie's love of candles drove her to start experimenting with making her own, and it was love at first sniff! Kevin stepped in to handle the branding, and together they launched Rush Candle Company in 2016. This entrepreneurial couple balances raising their two young kiddos with candle pouring, scent development, branding, marketing, maker shows and everything else it takes to keep on keepin' on! We're tired thinking about all that these two do in a day, but we love that they're getting it done together and that they welcomed us into their wild world. 

Choose a fragrance that brings you back to your happiest places and take 15% off your Rush Candle Company purchase with code: Cafound15 until 12/31/18.


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