Meet the Maker - Saltwater & Feathers

We met Caroline Winneguth the artist and entrepreneur behind Saltwater & Feathers, at a benefit for the many victims of the natural disasters that occurred in Southern California and the Central Coast early in 2018. Remember the horrible fires followed by devastating flash floods and mudslides? For a while we thought it would never end. One horrific news story after another. Another friend or family member or associate affected. It was nuts. So we did what every community does. We came together. We stepped away from the 24-hour news cycle and found local treasures. We drank fantastic local wine and ate delicious local food. We returned home with a pile of incredible local products (occupational hazard) and a few new friends (occupational benefit). It was a great day and the heaviness of so much loss lifted a little. 

Caroline walks through life offering up that little bit of lightness through her quietly beautiful paper goods. There's a calm and a warmth about Saltwater & Feathers that comes through in every design. Caroline is deeply inspired by the natural world and is focused on sustainability to preserve our environment. She uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper and vegetable based inks in her work. We love that her designs are as perfect to send as they are to frame. You'll think of a dozen friends and family members who would love one of her designs. Then you'll think about how pretty they'd look as a collection in your family room or how they'd deliver the perfect dose of calm to the craziness of your office space. To give or to keep for yourself? The struggle is real.

Our May subscribers received a little bit of California calm by way of a Saltwater & Feathers four greeting card collection (MSRP: $20.00). You can share the Saltwater & Feathers love or keep it for yourself as a daily reminder to relax and enjoy a bit of natural beauty. Take 15% off your Saltwater & Feathers purchase with code CALIFOUND

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