Meet the Maker - The Salty Life Co.

Erin Witters' first love was the ocean - until she discovered crayons. We met Erin, the artist and owner behind The Salty Life Co., through our travels around the central coast of California and our relentless, almost obsessive Instagram searches. We look for new artists all the time. Once in a while we get quite lucky. Three years ago, Erin turned her love of the ocean and art into a business and The Salty Life Co. was born. She creates completely hand-painted creations - from art prints and postcards to stickers and clothing. She also paints mandalas. Incredibly intricate and complex abstracts that speak of the sun, the sand, the ocean. They are truly extraordinary; they are not stencils; they must be seen to be believed. 

We love Erin's playful style that evokes a spirit of "everyday's a beach day" no matter where you are. She exudes California surf style - that warm and relaxed attitude that Californians are known for. Her philosophy is rooted in creating things that inspire her customers. "You are deep and wondrous," she says, "just like the ocean." That friends, is a beautiful concept.

Our September subscribers received one of two super cute beach decor signs, either I Need Vitamin Sea or Sunshine and Saltwater (MSRP: $18.00). Every single one was hand-cut, sanded, stained and painted. Yours can be too. Use code CALIFORNIAFOUND for 15% off your first purchase at The Salty Life Co. and let the beach vibes live on through the fall and winter. Live your saltiest life, Sunshine.

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