Savannah's Woodshop - April 2019

Savannah Sutherland creates functional art for your kitchen, including handcrafted spoons, knives, and other unique pieces to make life in your kitchen more enjoyable. She believes that cooking and eating is good for the soul. She's a woman after my own heart. I too believe that cooking is one of the purest forms of love we can express. Nourishing my family and friends, raising glasses and forks together, having a belly laugh around the table, there's nothing I'd rather do. A beautiful table sets the mood and the intention of a meal. I'm a purist. A little greenery from the garden, a few ivory candles and simple, artisanal serving pieces are my dream table, and Savannah's work fits perfectly with my aesthetic.

Each Savannah’s Woodshop piece is completely unique and has its own beauty and imperfections. Savannah carves each heirloom-quality piece from hardwood, sands them smooth, and finishes them with a food grade combination of mineral oil and beeswax. Her work is a tactile experience. Every unique piece is beyond beautiful to look at, but they also feel so fantastic. Put a 7" butter knife (retail: $15.00) like the one we featured in April out with your next cheese plate. Serve your next dinner party salad with a pair of Savannah's Woodshop Cooking Spoons. You'll see that they are as much conversation pieces as functional tools. Use them, display them, gift them ... just don't take them to your next potluck ... you may never see them again.

Use code CAFOUND419 for 20% off anything in Savannah's beautiful line. 


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