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We are delighted to welcome back SoulSpark Candles for a second California Found feature. Established in 2017 near the beach in San Diego, SoulSpark Candles was founded by artisan Karen Kampfl. The laid-back vibe, mild temperatures and ocean breezes of San Diego are such a part of Karen’s easy, breezy personality and clearly play a huge role in the love the emanates from each of these small-batch beauties.

Karen is a warm-hearted, high-energy maker with a powerful need to spread a little love and gratitude into the world. Her way to do that is through beautifully fragranced, small-batch candles with a little something extra. Every SoulSpark candle is a hand-poured blend of soy and coconut wax mixed with essential oils. Each one has an affirmation on the inside of the lid that speaks to its spark (this month it’s A Spark of Love). There’s also a delicate little charm lovingly placed at the bottom of each candle's tin prior to pouring to, as Karen describes it, “keep the good vibes going”.

We love that from the very first time you open your SoulSpark candle, and each time thereafter, the affirmation gives you a little reminder of what matters in the world: gratitude, confidence, prosperity, healing, flower power (!) or in the case of our featured product – love! We thought it was perfect for our February collection and knew our community of artisan supporters and small batch lovers would absolutely swoon over the true floral blend of jasmine and rose essential oils. They did. You totally will.

Imagine gifting this to your dearest love, or your sweetest bestie. The experience starts when the lid is open, with an affirmation of love. Light the candle and it provides hours and hours of gorgeously fragranced enjoyment. And when it's gone, the love lives on through the charm at the bottom of the tin. Your sweet can attach it to a bracelet, a pendant, or a keyring, and your gift goes on and on. So perfect!

The February 2019 California Found collection included an 8 oz. SoulSpark candle in "A Spark of Love" with a burn time of around 50 hours (retail: $21.99). Try a SoulSpark candle with a message that speaks to you or a scent you love. Use code LOVECAFOUND20 for 20% off your first SoulSpark order until 4/15/2019.




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