Simply Straws - May 2018

Question: How are we are using 500 million plastic straws EVERY DAY in the US, if there are only 300 million people (give or take) residing IN the US?

Answer:  Man-down straws that roll off the table eluding your attempts to catch them, and crappy straws that crack when you try to tap them out of the paper. Both necessitate ANOTHER one-time-use plastic straw.

Every day after enjoying our green teas, green juices and Frappuccinos "affogato-style" (so trying that), and after we retrieve the broken and floor-hitting straws, we are dumping those 500 million plastic straws into landfills (best case).

Every. Day.

I say 'best case' because a lot of those little suckers (see what I did there) wind up in our waterways instead. And that's a problem. The former landing place is problematic because we LIVE here and no one wants to LIVE in/on a garbage heap. The latter is a huge bummer because every year 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic. 

But consider this: You could bust out a stunningly beautiful, conversational, sexy-as-you-are glass straw RIGHT NOW. Imagine the looks from your envious fellow patrons! You my friend are a groundbreaker and the keeper of the cool! You're earth conscious and animal friendly and just frigging happening! Feel good? Me too. Which is why I'm so happy that our subscribers are now officially part of the cool kids club - thanks to our friends at Simply Straws

May subscribers received a Simply Straws 3-straw set - one Skinny for the demure sipper of iced tea or coffee, one Classic for everything sipping and one Wide for smoothies. And the fine folks at Simply Straws were also kind enough to include a straw brush so you can keep your little sippers nice and tidy. (MSRP: $25.00) AND these straws all have a lifetime warranty. Who does that anymore? If your straws break, let Simply Straws know and they'll send you new ones. You just cover the postage.

Join the cool kids; score your own set of straws and save a bit of green as you go green. Use code CAFOUND18 for 20% off your Simply Straws order until 7/31/18. Party on, Sunshine.

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