Meet the Maker - Sweet Llamita

In California we're all about inclusion right? Look the way you want, love the way you want, be whomever you want to be. It's one of my favorite things about living here. That and perfect weather 99.9% of the time and the no bugs ... but I digress. 

When I was thinking about the super cool, all-about-inclusion work that today's featured Maker creates, I also started thinking about the products out there that don't seem to work very hard to be inclusionary - case in point - those adhesive bandages we use to cover life's scrapes and scratches. Go grab a box of those cut-protectors next time you're at the market. They're beige. So good on ya' people of color - guess you haven't had a paper cut or a stubbed toe in well ... ever.

Now continue that line of thinking to greeting cards. So many of them seem to be written with sentiments meant to resonate with a specific shade and socio-econ makeup of human. Decidedly, beige. But we're not all the same hue. We don't all do the same job or wear the same 'uniform' to work. We don't all celebrate the same holidays or milestones. We don't all speak the same language. Thankfully today's wonderful Maker delivered an answer to the questions - What about my friends? What about my mom and dad? What about my celebrations?

Brenda Castillo is the wonderfully talented and clever Maker behind Sweet Llamita. Her greeting card collection recognizes the beauty in all the glorious shades that we are, in all the communities that we are a part of. She makes cards that celebrate lots of different experiences in English and in Spanish and in skin tones that are more like what we really are - shades - plural. So rad.

It also happens that a skull made out of marigolds is abundantly cool, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Which is why we chose that design and three more of Sweet Llamita's beautiful works for our June subscribers (MSRP $20.00). Choose your favorites from Sweet Llamita's extensive line and use code CALFOUND18 for 25% off your first purchase (Exp. 9/1/18).  

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