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Meet the Maker - SilverWillow Studio

June 14 2019

We discovered SilverWillow Studio and it's talented maker, Erin Choi, through their Instagram feed and immediately started coveting the modern designs and subtle elegance that are the soul of the SilverWillow collection. 


Meet the Maker - Cali Vibes Candle Company

June 11 2019

Meet the Maker - 100 Graces

May 29 2019
Inspired by crystal healing, 100 Graces Jewelry for the Modern Goddess combines natural elements, vibrant colors and bohemian glamour to create a look that is not only fashion forward, but also full of Goddess energy and healing vibes. Read more about this empowering Maker here!

Meet the Maker - Fiddle Fish

May 24 2019
We met Jessica Aiello, the LA-based Chandler behind Fiddle Fish at a maker event, here in Los Angeles. Read more about our love for artisan-centered day trips and the wonderful world of the Fiddle Fish in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Just Jan's

May 20 2019
I love jam... and jelly... and preserves. If it's fruity and spreadable, I'm generally in. Which is why I love today's featured maker so much! Read on to learn more about Just Jan's - trust me, you'll try it, you'll be converted.

Meet the Maker - Savannah's Woodshop

May 15 2019
Savannah Sutherland creates functional art for your kitchen. Read on to learn more about this talented maker.

Meet the Maker - Barton Burns

May 10 2019
We buddied up two of the Makers in the April collection to give you a sweet, simple DIY project to experience - a meditation terrarium in a simply beautiful cement vessel. Say hello to half of that duo - Barton Burns.

Meet the Maker - In Succulent Love

May 08 2019
In April, we tried something totally different. Instead of giving you a completely "done" home decor item, we decided to try something new - a DIY kit featuring the work of a couple of different makers. Read about the first one, In Succulent Love, in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Fiber & Dye

April 29 2019
Finally, with Fiber & Dye, you can say it a little rascally but always keep it pretty. Read more about this clever design studio in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - California Pure Naturals

April 23 2019
We'e been searching for natural hair care products to introduce to our community and were so stoked to find this fantastic line. Say hello to California Pure Naturals.

Meet the Maker - Charming Little Lotus

April 18 2019
Meet Charming Little Lotus and consider yourself transformed!

Meet the Maker - Banter & Bliss Candle Co.

April 15 2019
We've always loved their candles and diffusers, and they continue to develop addicting fragrance blends. But at Banter & Bliss, they don't just sell home fragrance products, they have now jumped into the custom-experiences space by offering candlemaking at special events... read on.

Meet the Maker - Yes Cocktail Co.

April 11 2019
Relax with the surprising story behind Yes Cocktail Co. (maybe fix yourself a nice cocktail).

Meet the Maker - Robin Rhodes Design

April 01 2019
Robyn Rhodes' mission is to create beautiful designs worn by many of the world's most glamorous women while staying true to her deep rooted sense of community and accessibility. Read more about her in today's Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker - Gustus Vitae

March 25 2019
Gustus Vitae is a California crafter of Non GMO Project Verified salts, spices, seasonings, and cane sugars. Since their beginnings in the Venice Beach, CA farmers market, they’ve been obsessed with quality, using only the very best in all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Learn more in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Christine May Brand

March 20 2019
Christine May Brand creates colorful art for everyday enjoyment using a technique called masking. Learn more in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Belle & Beast Organics

March 18 2019

Meet the Maker - SoulSpark Candles

March 12 2019
Founded in 2017 at the beach in San Diego, SoulSpark Candles was established by Karen Kampfl to spread a little love and gratitude wherever the candles are burning. Meet this warm-hearted maker and see which of her small-batch California creations might spark your soul.
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