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Meet the Maker - MidiQueen Handbags

February 23 2018
Take one look at MidiQueen Handbags vintage-modern pieces that elegantly combine rich fabrics, buttery leathers, and unique details and it's easy to understand why they're a fan favorite. Read more about the iconic Ventura brand and score 20% off your first purchase. 

Meet the Maker - NevMade.

February 19 2018
When another Maker begins her sentence with "I have this friend ...", it's bound to result in a love connection. Our relationship with NevMade started just like that - and it's a total love thing.

Meet the Maker - Kalcie

February 14 2018
We met Kristine Chermakyan, founder of Kalcie through another extraordinary Maker who just knew there would be a love connection between our two companies - there was - read about it here.

Meet the Maker - The Wee Tree Co.

February 11 2018
It's no coincidence to us that Rosalind Bell named her company The Wee Tree Co. or that the leaves of the tree at the center of her logo are tiny little hearts, subtle, but unmistakable. 

Meet the Maker - Naked Scrubs

February 07 2018

Meet the Maker - la luna salt

February 05 2018
It would be easy to describe Tasha Moon, the warm and ultra-positive Maker behind la luna salt as The Salt of the Earth (she is) or Salty (she isn't). But I won't do that to you. 

Meet the Maker - Inky Mess Press

January 21 2018
Lori Hedges is the insanely talented artist behind Inky Mess Press printmaking studio. Learn more about this authentically quirky lover of puns in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - The Hundredth Acre

January 17 2018
The Hundredth Acre creates beautiful, infinitely displayable candles in gorgeous glass vessels and apothecary jars. Read more about the brand and the maker here.

Meet the Maker - LKLY Designs

January 15 2018
Lisa Young, the owner of LKLYDesigns is a bit of a walking contradiction. It's our favorite thing about her.

Meet the Maker - K. Leone Designs

January 10 2018
Say hello to Kristine Leone - the heart and soul of K. Leone Designs Jewelry Studio.

Meet the Maker - ADME Apothecary

January 06 2018
Corrie Haley is a Public Health Nerd and she's not afraid to admit it. Read more about the mission of this fantastic bossbabe in today's Meet the Maker post.

Meet the Maker - Just Jan's

January 03 2018
Meet Jan Hogrewe, owner of Just Jan's Spreads. She's making the world a little sweeter, a little spicier, just plain better.

Meet the Maker - Avant Card Studio

December 19 2017
Nicole Ritterstein is the "Act like a lady. Think like a boss." owner of Avant Card Studio. Read more about this talented, clever ladyboss in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - MidiQueen Handbags

December 16 2017
If Kristina Clark is in search of a new bestie, I have dibs. Read more about the charming, talented designer/owner behind MidiQueen Handbags.

Meet the Maker - Nora's Food Co.

December 13 2017
Nora Ramos is our featured Maker today.  Read about her culinary journey and Paleo-friendly snacks here!

Meet the Maker - Pistaché Skincare

December 09 2017
Smart, successful and skin to die for.  Meet Sima Mostafavi of Pistaché Skincare in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Banter & Bliss

December 06 2017

In today's Meet the Maker, say hello to Sheena Tahilramani, the creative genius and production guru behind Banter & Bliss Candle Co.

Meet the Maker - Wilma & Ethel

December 04 2017
Kisha Hicks is the talented designer and maker behind Wilma and Ethel. Get to know her in today's Meet the Maker post.
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