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California Artisan Profile - The Hundredth Acre

September 17 2019
If you haven't discovered The Hundredth Acre, let us make the acquaintance.

California Artisan Profile - Simply Straws

August 30 2019
Imagine, in the not-too-distant future we'll all be saying, "OMG, remember when straws were plastic?" and our grand babies will be saying, "You used to use a straw once and throw it away?? That's bananas!" Be part of the change with California handcrafted Simply Straws.

California Artisan Profile - Belle & Beast Organics

August 16 2019
Belle & Beast Organics are back with a hydrating hair serum that is our current obsession. Read more in today's California Artisan Profile.

California Artisan Profile - Jasmine Jewelry

August 06 2019
Jasmine Jewelry is a handcrafted jewelry line designed and created by Jasmine Lee. Read on to learn what inspires Jasmine's designs.

California Artisan Profile - Urbana Sacs

July 29 2019
If you're into fashion, sustainability, handbags, housewares, cool things that look like other things or conversation pieces you MUST check out this incredible line of sustainable home and lifestyle accents.

California Artisan Profile - MB Bead and Stitch

July 26 2019
Based in San Diego, Michelle Sanders creates jewelry with organic textures,  natural gemstones, and a decidedly boho sensibility. Read more about her and her work in today's California Artisan Profile.

Meet the Maker - Vive Snacks

July 18 2019
You know what makes sense to me? Yummy food, with ingredients I recognize, that makes me feel good when I eat it. Mic...

Meet the Maker - On Board Organic Skincare

July 18 2019
Meet On Board Organic Skincare. With a “less is more” philosophy, every On Board product is produced using 10 ingredients or less and they're sized for summer adventure. 

Meet the Maker - Urban Re-leaf

July 09 2019
Urban Re-leaf's founder, Denise Smith, is a fragrance mixologist and the blends she obtains in her candles are unlike any we've experienced. Read more in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker: Pistaché Skincare

June 29 2019

Smart, successful and skin to die for.  Meet Sima Mostafavi of Pistaché Skincare in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker: Darling Daydream

June 26 2019

Toneylynn Papa - the owner of Darling Daydream - is on a mission to spread a little kindness. Let's follow her lead.

Meet the Maker - Nam Prik Chili Sauce

June 20 2019
The folks at Nam Prik (pr. Nahm Preek) chili sauce describe it as fire and flavor, together at last. Read more about this totally addicting, completely unique chili sauce in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - SilverWillow Studio

June 14 2019

We discovered SilverWillow Studio and it's talented maker, Erin Choi, through their Instagram feed and immediately started coveting the modern designs and subtle elegance that are the soul of the SilverWillow collection. 


Meet the Maker - Cali Vibes Candle Company

June 11 2019

Meet the Maker - 100 Graces

May 29 2019
Inspired by crystal healing, 100 Graces Jewelry for the Modern Goddess combines natural elements, vibrant colors and bohemian glamour to create a look that is not only fashion forward, but also full of Goddess energy and healing vibes. Read more about this empowering Maker here!

Meet the Maker - Fiddle Fish

May 24 2019
We met Jessica Aiello, the LA-based Chandler behind Fiddle Fish at a maker event, here in Los Angeles. Read more about our love for artisan-centered day trips and the wonderful world of the Fiddle Fish in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - Just Jan's

May 20 2019
I love jam... and jelly... and preserves. If it's fruity and spreadable, I'm generally in. Which is why I love today's featured maker so much! Read on to learn more about Just Jan's - trust me, you'll try it, you'll be converted.

Meet the Maker - Savannah's Woodshop

May 15 2019
Savannah Sutherland creates functional art for your kitchen. Read on to learn more about this talented maker.
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