Urbana Sacs - June 2019

Where to begin to describe Urbana Sacs. We've seen a lot of products and met a lot of Makers, but we have NEVER seen anything like this. If you're into fashion, sustainability, handbags, housewares, cool things that look like other things or conversation pieces, you MUST check out this incredible brand.

First a bit about Carolina Tombolesi, the visionary and designer behind Urbana Sacs. After years of high power work leading design projects at a large architectural firm in Los Angeles, she decided to get back to hands-on design. It was then that she discovered the leather-like textile that became Urbana Sacs. It feels like leather - but it isn't. It's paper. Well, not exactly paper in the traditional way you think about paper. It's made with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt. Cool. It's cultivated so it's earth-friendly - no deforestation here. Very cool. It washes and wears like any other washable fabric. BEYOND COOL! Our sold-out June collection featured the Large Cosmetic Sac (MSRP $36). It's beautiful, functional, and a total conversation piece - perfect for summer travel, you can even stow a wet bathing suit in it! Get one for yourself or anything else in the Urbana Sacs line and use code CAFOUND25 for 25% off your purchase.

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