Urban Re-leaf - June 2019

Denise Smith is the founder of Los Angeles based Urban Re-Leaf cannabis oil-infused, coconut wax candles. Her skill as a fragrance mixologist comes through with the infusion of cannabis essential oil delivering a gentle aromatic note without THC or CBD. 

Her fragrances contain no phthalates, and the amber glass jars she chooses are substantial and gorgeous: perfect to repurpose once your candle has been burned. Committed to developing the perfect fragrances for her brand, she tested 37 different combinations before deciding on the nine she offers today. The result is fragrances that are complex and heady but not overdone. You can tell that there's a true fragrance mixologist behind these creations. We find ourselves going back to them, again and again, to try and figure out what makes these fragrances so unique and beautiful.

For our June collection, we chose Urban Re-leaf Zen Garden, a fresh, grassy fragrance with notes of bergamot, bamboo, ylang-ylang and green leaves. It's at once energizing and relaxing: think of the feeling you get from a beautiful cup of green tea. If you're feeling moody, the rich, smoky aroma of Havana Wood with its highlights of tobacco, passionflower, vetiver, and kiwi may be just for you. Dreaming of a day in the flower garden? We love the gentle fruit and floral of Citrus Petals with notes of tart geranium, grapefruit, gardenia, mango blossom, and spicy cardamom. Whichever fragrance speaks to you, use code Found15 for 15% off your purchase at https://urbanre-leaf.com/ Exp. 08/30/19. 

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