Meet the Maker - The Wee Tree Co.

It's no coincidence to us that Rosalind Bell named her company The Wee Tree Co. or that the leaves of the tree at the center of her logo are tiny little hearts, subtle, but unmistakable. That's Rosalind to a T. We've met several times, at several Maker events and from the first, she greeted us (and everyone) like we're old friends. She's warm, approachable and understated. She has a great love for her art and willingly tells you the stories behind her pieces. Then she steps back and quietly observes your selection process. She could tell you which ones are her favorites, but she would rather enjoy the experience of watching you choose your own. Whether Rosalind is creating with her beautiful photographs of craveable things - roses to donuts - or sharing line drawings of the great loves of her life - like her cat Gregory - it's obvious that she adores the playful mix of color and texture. She easily moves between works of super-saturated color that feel as if you could swim in them, and quiet drawings that appear to come to life from a single unbroken line. We are delighted to bring our January subscribers a collection of three The Wee Tree Co. handmade greeting cards (MSRP $14.95). They're suitable for framing, but in the loving spirit of The Wee Tree Co., write something thoughtful and unself-conscious in each one and send it on. Then use code CAFOUND0430 for 15% off your purchase at and get a few more. Write. Send. Repeat. 

Exp. 4/30/18


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