Meet the Maker - The Wee Tree Co.

Our anniversary collection would not be complete without the beautifully understated artwork of The Wee Tree Co. The warm, approachable and equally understated Rosalind Bell is the artist behind the brand, and we quite simply adore her and her work. Whether Rosalind is creating with her beautiful photographs or her line drawings, she moves fluidly between works of super-saturated color, soothing softly painted shades with bits of sparkle, and quiet drawings that she brings to life from a single unbroken line. She's now introduced coloring placemats to her line, perfect for kids and adults alike. Our November subscribers received two handmade holiday themed cards from The Wee Tree Co. (retail: $9.50). We love the idea of sending holiday cards to ring in the new year, and Rosalind's winter landscape fits that bill quite perfectly. Send a card with wishes of peace, joy, warmth, tolerance, kindness, prosperity, and love to the people in your life (or leave one on the windshield of a stranger's car and consider that the flutter of your butterfly wings may brighten someone's day, or dare we say change the course of their life!). Use code CAFOUND0131 for 15% off your purchase of $12 or more at

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