Meet the Maker - Wilma & Ethel

Kisha Hicks is the beautiful and talented maker behind Wilma & Ethel, a modern, chic, minimalist line of jewelry that we describe as infinitely wearable. Subscribers to our November collection received the gorgeous Angelika Swarovski crystal bracelet pictured here. This piece, like all Wilma & Ethel designs is defined by simple, clean lines and the perfect amount of sparkle. It makes a beautiful, refined statement alone, but it absolutely begs to be layered.  

Wilma & Ethel's studios were established in 2006 in downtown Los Angeles. The name Wilma & Ethel came from a combination of Kisha's dog's nickname, Wilma (as in Wilma from THE FLINTSTONES) paired with Ethel (Ethel Mertz from I LOVE LUCY) - famous 50's TV gals. Kisha's jewelry, like her company name, has an overriding motif - friendship. Girls who work together, play together, share memories together - that's Wilma & Ethel.

Kisha is a sweet, sweet soul who's quick to smile and laugh. She calls her customers "lovelies" and is deeply committed to making sure every one of her pieces delights its future owner. We at California Found fell instantly in love with this lady and her gorgeous line. Wilma & Ethel is perfect for gifting, and for the month of December, savvy customers can use code 22CALIFORNIAFOUND and take $20 off any purchase of $60 or more. Shop at

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