Meet the Maker - Yes Cocktail Co.

We met the folks at Yes Cocktail Company at Renegade Craft in San Francisco. It's set up in the uber-funky Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion and features some of the best makers in the state. And guess what? The spring event happens THIS WEEKEND and they'll be there again! Relax with their surprising story (maybe with a nice cocktail) and then pretend you're old friends when you see them at the show!

Yes Cocktail Company was founded by avid travelers and lovers of cocktails, Lauren Butler and Brandon Alpert. The husband & wife team's entry into the mixology scene came from an unlikely source - an international children's theatre tour that took them all over the U.S. and abroad. They spent three years traveling the world, working with youth as theatre educators, actors and directors. When they weren't performing, staging musicals, teaching improv, or leading workshops, they made it a personal mission to enjoy the world's best bars and cocktails. The pair was always thirsty for a bit of the local flavor, from Bourbon in Kentucky to Aquavit in Denmark, they sampled anything and everything they could find. When they returned from their epic journey, they were disappointed to find that it was harder than expected to make these craft libations in the comfort of their home. The quality of the bar products just hadn't caught up with the craft distilled spirits. Most mixers and bar syrups they purchased were full of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and even high fructose corn syrup. The drinks they made at home simply paled in comparison to the incredible cocktails that had inspired these budding mixologists. So, they began crafting their own concoctions, with flavors inspired by their travels and produce from the abundant harvest of their new home, Paso Robles, California. From the very first batch, Yes Cocktail Co. has been focused on locally sourced, entirely natural ingredients, simply because the best cocktails require the best ingredients. And of course, the name Yes Cocktail Co. is all about saying, 'yes' - which is the first rule of improvisational acting. Aside from being a throwback to their theatre background, it is also their life philosophy. By saying yes to new ideas, flavors, experiences, travel, or even something simple as a cocktail, Lauren and Brandon believe you can live a joyful, adventurous life! Our March 2019 collection included Lauren and Brandon's Lavender Honey Cocktail (or mocktail) Mixer. Retail: $15.00 We love it with Bourbon and a splash of soda. It's also pretty delightful with Champagne if you're fancy. Fancy or not, use code: califound for 15% off your Yes Cocktail Co. purchase of $45 or more and cocktail like a pro. Expires 05/31/19.

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