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"Just got my first box today and am COMPLETELY in love! It’s like a good friend curated the box just for me." -- Jennifer P. 

"This box is put together with love and you can tell they take time with choosing the items and assembling the box."  -- Ashley 

"Beautifully crafted items of high quality." -- Jennifer G.

"I'm completely blown away by how many beautiful pieces came in my California Found box." -- Emily P.

"I am so, SO in love with this box!" -- Juva

"The ordering process is so easy and professional and the products are awesome!" -- Laura L.

"Wonderful box, wonderful subscription." -- Monica

"Love this sub box!" -- Val

"This is literally my favorite subscription (and I have many). The items they send are always exactly my style and I use everything which I can’t say for my other subs." -- Luminoussoul

"This is my favorite subscription ever." -- Jamie